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How to determine if the speaker's positive and negative polarity

1) will multimeter placed DC current block of minimum block, will two only table pen respectively received speakers of two introduction feet, then with finger light and quickly to by about speakers of paper basin, and timely to watch multimeter of pointer swing direction, as pointer right pendulum Shi, provides red table pen by received for cathode, black table pen by received for negative; as pointer left pendulum Shi, provides red table pen by received for negative, black table pen by received for cathode. And polarity to detect other speakers in the same way and make annotations, such as positive and negative series and parallel use phase can be achieved.

2) with one or two batteries (in series), the battery's positive and negative respectively to the two pins of the loudspeaker, in the power of instant attention observe the paper cone speakers vibration direction in a timely manner, if the paper close to the magnet in the direction of motion, positive battery negative is speaker pins. Alternating two pins of the battery on the speakers, paper cone outward, then the battery the positive contact is the speaker's positive.