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Simple overview of the loudspeaker system

Speaker system consists of one or more speakers and appropriate accessories such as baffle, Horn, crossover network components, as the drive coupling device between the circuit and the surrounding air. Aim is to obtain the required frequency characteristics of sound, sound distribution, and special effects. Speakers have commonly used direct electric speakers, speakers-horns electric speakers, and various combinations. Only direct speaker sound radiation power and evenness of sound pressure levels in the service area is not large. Basically using electric power Horn speakers can be large enough sound sound intensity and sound field in a homogeneous, but the narrow frequency range, could not meet the requirements of high quality musical sound. Therefore, the integrated speakers. This has a wide frequency range but increase the radiated sound power. Application of speaker boxes and speakers can improve low frequency characteristics of speakers, directivity and efficiency; uses a variety of speakers group, you can further control the sound power and radiation characteristics. As for special sound effects, such as long distance and under strong noise of sound reinforcement, to hundreds of thousands of Watts of sound power, you can use air speakers.