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Speaker installation tips

Horn loudspeakers in the countryside and market towns is still in widespread use, drum speakers sound film, and once after the loss, to guarantee correct installation the following describes a method of sound film location, can make it easier to solve the problem. Installation can be carried out in two steps.

The first step, select the appropriate thickness of paper, two pair ~10MM, length larger than the diameter of the Central 20mm of note. And vertically in the center between the two notes on chip (in the position to take). In order to prevent them from moving, may use a glue to stick them. Note insert the two ends of the magnetic gap. Voice coil alignment on magnetic sound film slot and gently push down. Because of the existing note, then the voice coil location right in the middle of the magnetic gap, without deviation. On the edge of the sound film coated, coated with adhesive measurement, and put the sound head cover. Screw, tighten the screw. And down good cover in the appropriate place with the relative position of acoustic head. For 8 hours, all-purpose glue completely dry, you can unscrew screws and remove the cover. At this time, the sound film had stuck to the cover.

The second step, the lead welding in Terminal on. Remove two piece, then put the cover back on, note the alignment marks made by the original. Multimeter to Rx or 1.5V block batteries available, one side continually touch the two terminals, with "Ka Ka" sound, while tapping the upper cover, to "Ka Ka" sound up to maximum, and there is no friction when will gradually tighten the captive screws. When the screw should be symmetrical to rotation tight, while a screw rotation should not be so tight, then tighten the second screw.