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Speaker size measurement

Measuring speakers (speakers, Lingo "unit") calculated according to the effective radius of the vibration measurements. Press the outer edge of the cone is not into fixed-diameter of the rubber ring is customarily the diameter in inches of the speaker.

Most people use a ruler is metric, after measuring cone diameter in centimeters, divide by 2.54 (2.54 cm equals one inch) or inches.

4-inch speaker: diagonal distance is 11.5 cm screw holes, the neighboring hole distance 8 cm speaker diameter is 10 cm;

5 inch speaker: screw holes diagonal distance of 13.5 cm and adjacent holes 9.5 cm, diameter 13 cm;

6. 5 inch speaker: screw holes diagonal distance of 15.5 cm, adjacent distance 11 cm, diameter 16.5 cm;

Adjacent to 4X6-inch screw hole distance is 12.3 centimeter and 7.3 cm;

Adjacent to 6X9-inch screw hole distance is 16.5 cm long and 11 cm.