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Speaker troubleshooting

Open fault: infinite resistance between two pins, performances in the circuit to silent, no noise in the speaker.

Paper Bowl breakdown: direct examination of the fault can be found, this failure to replace the speaker.

Poor sound quality faults: this is a soft fault of the speaker, you generally cannot find obvious fault, just sounds unpleasant, this failure to replace the speaker.

Amateur audition for speaker testing can only be used under the conditions test method and a multimeter.

Trial and hearing check is that the speakers are connected to the power amplifier output, quality of subjective evaluation by listening to voice it.

Using multimeter test the speakers are rough.

Measurement of DC resistance: measured with R*1 speaker DC resistance between two pins, normally should be slightly smaller than the plate speaker impedance. For example 8 ohm loudspeaker measured resistance to normal for about 7 Ohms. Measuring resistance is infinite, or is much larger than its nominal impedance value, indicates that the speaker damage.

Ka la Ka la, listen to the noise: measurement of DC resistance, a meter probe intermittent lifting pins, Ka la Ka la, should be able to hear speakers sound, sound of bigger is better, does not have this sound the speaker voice coil is stuck.

Visual inspection: check whether the speaker cone rupture phenomenon.

Check the magnetic: use a screwdriver to try magnets of magnetism, magnetic the stronger the better.

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