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Type of main speakers

Speakers of type many, by its for can principle can is divided into electric type (that moving circle type), and electrostatic type (that capacitor type), and electromagnetic type (that tongue spring type), and pressure electric type (that crystal type), several, Hou two species more for rural cable network in the; by frequency range can is divided into low frequency speakers, and if speakers, and high frequency speakers, these often in speaker in the as combination speakers using.

Mechanism and structure of moving-coil breaks (electric), capacitor (electrostatic), piezoelectric (Crystal or ceramic), electromagnetic (pressure spring type), electric ion type and pneumatic loudspeakers, electrodynamic speaker with electro-acoustic performance, firm structure, and low cost, wide application;

By sound radiation material points paper basin type, and, tube type, and diaphragm type; by paper basin shape points round, and oval, and double paper basin and rubber folding ring; by work frequency points bass, and Alto, and treble, some also into recorder dedicated, and TV dedicated, and General and high insurance really speakers,; by sound circle impedance points low impedance and high impedance; by effect points straight spoke and environment sound,.

Speakers into the internal speakers and external speakers, external speakers as we generally refer to the speaker. Built-in speaker refers to the MP4 player with built-in speakers, so that the user can not only through the headphone jack can listen through the built-in speaker to sound MP4 Player. MP4 player with built-in speakers, without external speakers, you can also avoid inconvenience caused wear headphones for a long time.