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Amplifiers By Channel

Amplifiers By channel

The use of power amplifiers

1, according to the output power selection

Technical indicators in the output power, the highest output power and rated output power, but the two output power and load impedance, the smaller the smaller the output power, the choice of power amplifier, this parameter is the main indicator.

2, according to the channel selection

Commonly used two-channel output (mainly used to promote the left and right speakers, but also bridge into a channel to use). The four-channel output (mainly used for the four-channel signal output from the host, through the power amplifier to promote the front and rear speakers, easy to use the host to adjust the volume balance before and after.) Five-channel output (four channels with the same, the same One channel is used to push the subwoofer, which is the most suitable for small space applications. All the way to output (this power amplifier is generally large output power, mainly used to promote high-power subwoofer.)

3, press the function selection

Each brand of power amplifier, has its own function, according to these functions can be used in different circuits. For example: balanced input, high level input, bass boost control, variable low / high pass filter, built-in equalizer, power indicator, BTL connection, frequency response range, built-in electronic crossover.

We understand that most of the users, and even the project business does not understand the discount KTV, business KTV and HI room audio equipment in the case of different use should be different, such as the initial selection of equipment has been confused, once installed The Will feel their carefully selected equipment why no other home sound feel good, in fact, just style, positioning error. Like dressing, to participate in the wedding should wear more formal clothes; and friends in the food stall, they should wear some casually; climbing picnic should also have the appropriate clothes. Clothes are good-looking, but not suitable for wearing occasions, naturally feel wrong. Therefore, the user's future use is determined first.

② the height of the room

③ local singing habits (normal singing, or singing)

④ local total volume requirements about how much decibel is most appropriate

⑤ the requirements of the bass is not high

Reasonable and reasonable configuration options, to avoid the installation of equipment after the completion of the problem is not satisfied with the problem.