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Amplifiers Particularly High Efficiency

Amplifiers Particularly high efficiency

Brief introduction to amplifier principle

  Audio equipment and home audio, but also use the power amplifier. Just touch the sound of the people, also installed in the power amplifier, and even install multiple power amplifiers, that is incredible. (P) = voltage (U) x current (I), if only the host's own power amplifier, up to 4x55W, can only promote the power of small (if the power supply voltage is only 14.4V, power (P) = voltage (U) x current (I) Loudspeakers, and the volume is big and will be distorted, the sound sounds stiff and inelastic. Ear hearing has the limit, the lower limit than the volume can be heard even less, which is why the music is always at the beginning of feeling more intense. It is quite difficult to get any sound to the most realistic state: the noise emitted by the windshield, the interior, the engine, and the car chassis and the tires on the road surface have a great impact on the listening environment; Level and post-level power is also a big flaw, can not replay the music of all the information. To solve these problems need to install power amplifier. Automotive power amplifier internal use of inverter power supply, the power supply voltage increased to ± 40V, power also will be improved, so you can use high-power speakers, due to increased storage power, improve the volume will not produce distortion, sound quality Strong and flexible. Especially in the promotion of large-size subwoofer, the bass area is more extended, the sound is very full.

 Today, although most manufacturers are producing high-power amplifiers, but there is no common specifications, do not require uniform power output standards, unlike the home power amplifier has a power rating. In short, the power amplifier is designed to work with the sound source, especially the sound source of the digital sound source. It does not degrade the sound. On the contrary, the efficiency is particularly high, the power loss is extremely small and versatile, , To upgrade, for audio lovers, is an indispensable equipment. Power amplifiers can be categorized for different purposes:

  1, some power amplifier is designed to promote the woofer design, such as: Kenwood KAC-PS401M (14.4V, 4 ohms), the maximum power 1200Wx1. Built-in infrasound filter, eliminating the need for an external filter.

  2, with equalizer power amplifier, such as: Sony XM a 604EQX. EQX has a speaker with 5 equalizer, can be due to personal preferences or different compartment space tuning sound. Each EQX series has five frequencies to choose from.

  3,5-channel power amplifier, such as: Sony XM a 405EQX, Kenwood KAC a 859, etc., usually use 2-channel or 4-channel power amplifier to promote the front and rear speakers. The woofer is driven by another power amplifier, which occupies an area that is too large, and using a 5-channel power amplifier, a power amplifier can solve the problem.

  4, multi-chip X card power amplifier, such as: Lai Fu punch400.4. The unique X card provides almost unlimited variety of crossover options for power amplifiers: high pass, bandpass, low pass, and even overtone filters. It can play a role in a dozen.

  5, electronic crossover modular power amplifier, such as: KICKERZR360. These control modules let you choose which signal will go to the power amplifier and to the power amplifier RCA output, select the required frequency and sub-point. By replacing the module, a power amplifier can be used to become a variety of power amplifiers.