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Amplifiers Press Function

Amplifiers Press function

Press function

Depending on the function, the preamplifier (also known as the front stage), the power amplifier (also known as the post-level) and the combined amplifier.

Power amplifier referred to as amplifier, used to enhance the signal power to drive the speaker sound of an electronic device. Without signal source selection, volume control

And other ancillary functions of the power amplifier called the post-level.

The preamplifier is a pre-amplifier and control section of the amplifier that enhances the voltage amplitude of the signal and provides functions such as input signal selection, tone adjustment, and volume control. The preamplifier is also known as the front stage.

The preamplifier and power amplifier in two parts installed in the same chassis of the amplifier known as the merger amplifier, our home power amplifier is generally a combination of the type.

By use

According to different uses, can be divided into AV amplifier, Hi-Fi amplifier.

AV amplifier is designed for home theater use and design of the amplifier, generally have more than 4 channels and surround sound decoding function, and with a display. This kind of power amplifier to create a true sound of the film environment so that the audience experience the main effect of the theater.

With the popularity of large-screen TV, a variety of image carriers, people on the "sitting at home watching movies," the growing demand, so set a variety of audio and video functions in one multi-function amplifier came into being. "AV" is the English audioVideo that is the audio, video, the initial acronym. "AV amplifier" experienced Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic, AC-3, DTS process, AV amplifier and the difference between the ordinary amplifier, AV AV amplifier has selected Dolby directional logic decoder, AC-3, DTS Decoders, and five-channel power amplifiers. As well as the finishing touch of the digital sound field [DSP] circuit, for a variety of programs to play a different sound field effect. But because the AV power amplifier in the circuit of the signal flow, through too many and complex processing circuit, so that the purity of the sound "by too much" staining ", so AV power compatible with HI-FI playback effect is not Ideal. This is also a lot of HI-FI enthusiasts on the AV amplifier disdain for the reasons.

Hi-Fi amplifier is a high-fidelity to reproduce the true colors of the design of the amplifier, usually two-channel design, and no display.

"HI-FI amplifier" is our amplifier's amplifier, and its output power is generally mostly in the 2X150 watts below. Design to "sound color excellent

The United States, high fidelity "for the purpose of a variety of high-tech concentrated in this amplifier on the price from 1000 yuan to several hundred thousand dollars." HI-FI amplifier "is divided into" split "[before Level amplifier is independent], and "merge" [the front and back into the machine into one.] Generally speaking, in the same grade models "split" in the signal to noise ratio, channel segmentation and other indicators Higher than the "merger machine" [not absolute]. And easy to sound through the signal line. Mergers are easy to use, the relative cost of low-cost, cheap combined machine output power is generally designed in 2X100W the following, there are many manufacturers Production of more than 2X100W high-end merger machine.