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Amplifiers Ultra Low Noise

Amplifiers Ultra low noise

The characteristics of the amplifier;

1. Automatic variable speed fan, excellent cooling system, so that the whole work is stable.

2. High-end class H circuit design, ultra-low noise, low distortion can reach 0.012%. Sound quality is perfect.

3. High-grade panel, panel dust net can be folded structure design, removable cleaning of the cooling vents.

Use occasions Description: mainly used for conference sound reinforcement, there are four models optional. In general with full-range speakers, can be equipped with low speakers 8R.

TA-2500 TA-2700I TA-2900 TA-21200 Professional Amplifier (Professional Amplifier) Features

1.H class efficient power amplifier circuit, high power, ultra-low noise, low distortion can reach 0.012%.

2. Panel can be unloaded structure, easy to clean dust network.

3. Enough reserve power, you can take 2R low resistance output, high-fidelity sound quality perfect sound source quality.

Use occasions Description: mainly for large-scale conference sound reinforcement, stage performance sound reinforcement, there are four models optional. Can be equipped with full-range speakers, can also be equipped with low speakers, the lowest with 4R / 8R subwoofer, the use of more flexible.

On the radio and broadcast power amplifier equipment to use a few notes;

1. Power amplifier power amplifier should be: the actual power = power amplifier nominal power * 75%.

2. Horn line in the installation must pay attention to positive and negative sex, to prevent the speaker line connected to the wrong, the sound phase short circuit phenomenon, resulting in burning power amplifier phenomenon, causing unnecessary losses.

3. Line installation to eliminate the phenomenon of burrs, to prevent short circuit, burn the amplifier.

4. Broadcast in use, plug the microphone when the microphone volume switch must be small, in order to plug, so as not to cause the impact, damage the amplifier.

5. Broadcast equipment to open and shut down in turn open, remember to save trouble, directly in the power board to turn off the power, the radio volume should be appropriate, can not be too fast to reverse the volume, including pure power amplifier and other high-power equipment, so as not to The impact on the equipment.

6. Note that the maximum position of the power amplifier indicator can not be permanently distorted.

7. When the power is not full, increase the volume of the method is to add more speakers, rather than unlimited to the volume knob to the maximum, so as not to cause damage to the equipment damage.

8. Amplifier can only have all the way output, not several output between the amplifier and then connected.

9. The connection of the broadcasting equipment must be connected after the power is turned off. Before the connection, the volume of all the devices should be turned off. After the connection is completed, the equipment can be turned on.