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Analog Amplifiers The Components

  Analog Amplifiers Power amplifier is usually composed of three parts: preamplifier, drive amplifier, the final power amplifier.

1, the pre-amplifier from the match, the input impedance is high (not less than 10kΩ), you can absorb the majority of the previous signal in the past, the output impedance is low (tens of Ω or less), the signal can be sent out of most of the wind. At the same time, it itself is a current amplifier, the input voltage signal into a current signal, and give the appropriate amplification.

2, the drive amplifier from the role of the bridge, it will be sent to the preamplifier current signal for further amplification, to amplify into a medium power signal to drive the final power amplifier to work properly. If there is no drive amplifier, the final power amplifier can not send high-power sound signal.

3, the final power amplifier plays a key role. It will drive the amplifier to send the current signal to form a high-power signal, driving the speaker sound, its technical indicators determine the technical indicators of the entire power amplifier.

   Analog Amplifiers Select the power amplifier, the first to pay attention to some of its technical indicators:

1, the input impedance: usually indicates the size of the power amplifier's anti-jamming capability, usually in the 5000-15000Ω, the greater the value that the stronger the anti-jamming capability;

2, the distortion: the output signal with the input signal compared to the degree of distortion, the smaller the value the better the quality, generally below 0.05%;

3, signal to noise ratio: refers to the output signal which the music signal and the ratio between the noise signal, the greater the value of the voice on behalf of the more clean.

  Analog Amplifiers In addition, in the purchase of power amplifier when the purchase will be clear, if you want to install subwoofer, it is best to buy 5-channel amplifier, usually 2-channel and 4-channel speaker can only push the front and rear speakers, and subwoofer only Can reproduce the amplifier, 5-channel amplifier can solve this problem, the power amplifier output power should be greater than the speaker's rated power.