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CATV Trunk Amplifier Features

Trunk amplifier features:

*. HYF-860B, HYF-750B, HYF-550B series temperature compensation Philips CATV trunk amplifier using high-performance broadband network dedicated amplifier module, ensure the output signal power, wide frequency band and high gain and good linearity, stability.

*. Before and after two-stage balanced regulation circuits, signal level flatness, and effectively address the level of "bump" phenomena, and can make levels with slope output, suitable for long-distance transmission cable TV.

*. Unique temperature compensation of IC can improve poor due to high and low temperatures for cables and amplifier effects, automatic control high and low output levels.

*. Spoke, and distribution of output options fit the needs of actual line, save money; output feed display, convenient and practical.

*. Using double metal hole circuit boards, high quality toroidal transformer power supply, amplifier high frequency performance, stability and reliability.

*. CATV aluminum alloy die-cast plastic spray, rain, heat, good shielding.

*. 220V AC or 60V concentrated feed-optional.