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Digital Amplifiers Advantages And Disadvantages Of Amplifier

Digital Amplifiers Advantages and Disadvantages of Amplifier

Digital amplifier and analog amplifier Advantages and disadvantages Digital amplifier to replace the analog amplifier is the trend, digital amplifier analog power amplifier can not match the advantages of theoretically, if you can find an ideal switching components, digital amplifier efficiency can be 100%. However, so far no company has such an ideal switching element. Inevitably produce a small part of the loss. Will be due to MOS RDS different loss will be different. But in any case, its efficiency can reach more than 90%, which is analog power amplifier can not be achieved. First, the digital amplifier and analog amplifier efficiency of the audio signal modulation of a higher fixed frequency, and then demodulation of the audio signal process, which is the basic principle of digital amplifier. Its biggest advantage is the high efficiency, so you can use a very small power of electronic devices can make a lot of power. Low power, 1W-3W amplifier, in the same test conditions, AB class amplifier and the efficiency of Class D amplifier AB = 15% D = 75%. In the case of output 1W, AB class to consume 6.7W power. But Class D consumes only 1.33W of power. In the output 10W amplifier, AB class amplifier to consume 40W power. While the Class D consumes only 12.5W. And Class D amplifier generated by the 2.5W heat can be designed by the PCB cooling, eliminating the radiator. In the case of high power output 100W-500W Class D amplifier can use a small heat sink. Class D power amplifier in the high power amplifier advantage is more obvious. Second, the cost of Class D amplifier Class D amplifier is also reflected in the cost of the advantages. High efficiency can save significant power costs. Whether it is linear power supply or switching power supply are calculated to the price of the price. Such as 2X15W power to calculate, D class amplifier's total power is about 30/80% = 37.5W. Analog power amplifier power 30W / 45% = 66.7W. Digital power amplifier price of the cost of nearly 1 and a half. Class D power amplifier main device cost is very low. Such as 100W power amplifier to calculate, with IR program, IRS2092 less than 7 dollars, MOS tube is less than 7 yuan. The two main devices add up to no more than 20 yuan. While the analog amplifier of the large radiator beyond the price. D class protection circuit more complete, Class D power amplifier is generally equipped with a protective trigger circuit, you can save the relay, save the mechanical contact, save costs and reduce the point of failure. At the same time due to digital power amplifier fever, in the high-power amplifier can save the fan behind the chassis. Third, the overload capacity and power reserve Digital amplifier overload capacity is much higher than the analog amplifier, analog amplifier transistor work in the linear area, when overloaded, the transistor will be saturated, harmonic distortion. While the digital amplifier MOS tube is working in the saturation zone, cut-off area, because it will not cause distortion. MOS tube is a voltage device, transient response is good. Fourth, cross-distortion and mismatch distortion Analog amplifier has zero-crossing distortion, which is due to the transistor in the small current when the non-linear characteristics caused by the output waveform in the positive and negative junction distortion (small signal transistor in the cut- No current through, resulting in serious distortion of the output) and Class D amplifier, MOS work in the switch state, will not produce crossover distortion. The analog amplifier has the characteristics of push-pull tube inconsistency caused by the output waveform is not the same as causing distortion. In the system to do high-power amplifier often have to match, which increased the difficulty of production. While the digital amplifier on the two MOS characteristics of the consistency requirements lax. 5, the amplifier and the speaker match As the analog amplifier in the amplifier tube resistance is large, so match the different resistance of the speaker, the analog power amplifier working conditions will be due to different load impedance and greatly affected. While the digital power MOS tube RDS internal resistance is very small, a few milliohms, tens of milliohms, the maximum below 200 milliohms. Relative load horn impedance (4R, 8R, 16R) is completely negligible. Because there is no impedance matching problem. Six, digital amplifier has a good switching machine noise reduction circuit. Digital amplifier internal PWM signal, voltage control more convenient, can be very simple to do on, off the noise reduction circuit. Off, delay open PWM, small signal voltage control. The analog power amplifier to do.