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Digital Amplifiers Characteristics And Principles

  Digital amplifier is a kind of distortion with small, low noise, dynamic range and other characteristics of the amplifier, in the sound quality of the transparency, resolution, background quiet, low frequency of the intensity of the traditional amplifier is incomparable.

   Digital Amplifiers Digital amplifier and DC-DC switching inverter circuit similar. Input audio analog signal through the PWM circuit modulation processing, the formation of duty cycle with the input signal into a certain proportion of the pulse chain, amplified by the switch circuit, the low-pass filter filter high-frequency components, restore the amplified input signal The waveform is played by the speaker. Figure 2 is a typical circuit of Class D amplifiers using a field-effect transistor H-bridge connection. It is well known that the pulse wave output from the above-mentioned FET H-bridge circuit is inconvenient to directly drive the speaker to sound. In order to reproduce the amplified audio signal, the output waveform must be restored to the original sine wave. A few years ago Class D amplifier design, mostly using low-pass filter to solve. Since the frequency band of the audio is in the range of 20Hz to 20kHz and the carrier frequency is usually more than five times, the process of filtering the carrier frequency is rather simple, that is, a low-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of about 25kHz is connected in front of the loudspeaker. And in the application to the subwoofer, due to the processing of low-frequency, low-pass cut-off frequency can be reduced to about 5kHz. The filter can be used according to performance requirements Chebyshev, Butterworth or Bessel and other circuits. The design of the filter is demanding, which can cause radio frequency interference. To reduce power consumption, the general use of passive components.

    Digital Amplifiers In addition, the digital amplifier with a small distortion, low noise, dynamic range and other characteristics, in the sound quality of the transparency, resolution, background quiet, low frequency shock intensity is the traditional power amplifier is unparalleled.