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Digital Amplifiers Increased Dynamic Range

Digital Amplifiers Increased dynamic range

Subwoofer sound source Built-in digital amplifier in the low voltage state of work, the signal dynamic range is small, the output power is limited. The independent digital amplifier can be 12V voltage inverter to 35-40V, so that the dynamic range of the signal increases, thereby increasing the output power, and can be caused by the common power supply to minimize interference, so as to ensure the perfect sound quality reproduction. Select the external digital amplifier power and impedance should be matched with the audio speakers, the sensitivity of the two should also be corresponding, otherwise the effect will be unsatisfactory.

(1) fixed

It is important to extend the digital amplifier reasonably and to extend its service life. The installation location should have sufficient space to keep the air flowing and prevent moisture to extend the life of the digital amplifier.

Digital amplifiers are prohibited from mounting face down, which will affect the heat dissipation of the digital amplifier and start the thermal protection circuit. Excessive heat will shorten the life of the digital amplifier and reduce the output power.

(2) connection

1) Front RCA input: Connect the RCA connector to the LOWLEVEL output in front of the source.

2) Rear RCA input: Connect the RCA connector to the LOWLEVEL output at the back of the source.

3) RCA output: Connect these RCA connectors to the RCA input of the next stage amplifier.

4) ground wire input: through a 4g power cable from the amplifier directly connected to the vehicle's chassis.

5) 12 Input: It must be connected to the positive pole of the vehicle's battery via a coaxial fuse or automatic fuse through a 4g power cable.

6) Remote input: it is the remote control of the digital amplifier switch. When turned on, the 12V voltage is applied to the amplifier, which can be found from the panel on the back of the source. It appears in either the output of the antenna or the remote end. If the input is not provided, the line can be connected to the ACC position. Choose what brand and model of digital amplifiers, can not only by the instructions given simple parameters, according to the entire sound system, it is best to listen to other users or professionals advice. Due to product performance and sense of hearing have a certain understanding, so they recommend the equipment should be good, if the prototype audio and video of course the best. As can be seen from the above chart, Japan's digital amplifier output power is small, generally used for the initial test "fever" people, they just feel the lack of power and sound defects. But for enthusiasts, it is not just the installation of digital amplifiers so simple, they demanding the same perfect power and sound quality. I recommend using KICKER products. Its performance is very prominent in terms of sound, restore the effect is very good, especially for listening to classical music, light music, symphony, voice and so on. Every year in the US audio competition, 75% of the sound quality awards are KICKER. Install the high-power booster, it is recommended to use the blessing digital amplifier. It features a very large output power - 1 only 50.2 digital amplifier can push 16 10-inch woofer, suitable for listening to rock, disco music.