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Digital Amplifiers The Meaning Of Digital Amplifiers

Digital Amplifiers The meaning of digital amplifiers

(1), an overview of the significance of digital amplifier and application of digital transformation technology is one of the important areas of development in the 21st century, more than the analog conversion technology has a wide range of application requirements and strong vitality. The audio power amplification system of current audio-visual products (such as CD, LD, VCD, DVD, computer audio, home theater, etc.) and communication products (such as mobile phones) adopts D / A conversion technology, which has signal distortion, Anti-interference and other issues; compared to the digital amplifier is a new generation of high-fidelity, low power consumption of all-digital power amplifier system. Has the following significant advantages: high fidelity, high efficiency, high overload capacity and high power reserve capacity, power amplifier and speaker matching, good sound and image positioning, easy to upgrade, easy production and debugging, and with the future of all-digital audio broadcasting , High-definition television trends to match. It can use the existing CD player (or DVD player), DAT (digital recorder), PCM (pulse code modulation recorder) as a digital audio source, but also has an analog audio input interface, compatible with existing analog audio, so has a broad market : 1, audio-visual products market digital amplifier high-quality features will cause it to replace the audio-visual products, it will have hundreds of billions of market. Such as home CD, LD, VCD, DVD, TV stereo, computer audio, home theater, etc .; public places with sound systems such as: conference rooms, concert halls, cinemas, squares, railway stations, airport power amplifier system, etc. Is expected to have hundreds of billions of output.

We only have the family to calculate the situation, according to a family has a set of audio-visual products, each set of audio-visual products with digital power amplifier system value of 2,000 yuan, 300 million households nationwide, that is 600 billion yuan output value. 2, portable products market digital amplifier high efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics will make it widely used and portable products market. Such as: mobile communications products (such as mobile phones), portable computers, pronunciation electronic dictionaries, video machines, car trains and other vehicles with audio, portable radio, Walkman, portable CD machines and so on. According to the Ministry of Information Industry Computer and Microelectronics Research Center (CCID) statistics, portable multimedia computer sales of 298,000 units, sales of 5.87 billion yuan. Multimedia computer sales trend is greater than 20% per year rate of growth, we can see only a portable multimedia computer is a very huge market. According to the above statistics, according to each portable multimedia computer using 300 yuan low-power digital audio amplifier system calculation, only portable multimedia computer with all-digital low-power audio amplifier system has about 100 million yuan a year market.

The future of all-digital system market digital amplifier will make it with the future of digital audio broadcasting, high-definition digital TV products, 3G emerging industries become an important part of this output value will be more than 50 billion. Multimedia computer and the combination of the above-mentioned home appliances is the future development of computer and home appliances inevitable trend. At present, the domestic Shanghai has been carrying out triple play project, the Internet, cable television network, communication network into one. Triple play must be used in multimedia computers, so all-digital multimedia audio amplifier in the future must be integrated into the home appliances, have a larger market.