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Digital Amplifiers Way Of Working

Digital Amplifiers Way of working

Digital amplifier module is a switching power supply, digital amplifier integrated power amplifier module together. Digital amplifier module is a good solution to the switching power supply on the amplifier interference problems, so that the digital amplifier small size, high efficiency and other features have been better performance, the scope of application also will widen.

table of Contents

The structure of the digital power amplifier module

How the digital amplifier module works

The difference between digital amplifier and analog amplifier

The structure of digital power amplifier module

The digital power amplifier module is mainly divided into two parts: switching power supply and digital power amplifier. The main function of the switching power supply part is to convert the AC power into the DC power required by the amplifier and provide enough current. The power amplifier part mainly completes the audio signal amplification and provides the power amplifier Its own load protection function.


How the Digital Power Amplifier Module Works

· Switching power supply works

Input 110 / 220V AC first two-stage second-order filter, isolation module internal and external interference; 110 / 220V set through the fuse line to complete. The ballast filter circuit converts the AC mains into a DC of about 300V, and the PWM signal is pre-amplified by the drive and the dead time is inserted between the drive signals to avoid the simultaneous conduction of the two FETs of the same arm The loss.

The difference between digital amplifier and analog amplifier

Digital power amplifier because of the work mode and the traditional analog amplifier is completely different, so overcome the inherent advantages of analog power amplifier, and has some unique features.

1. Overload capacity and power reserve

Digital amplifier circuit overload capacity is much higher than the analog amplifier. Analog power amplifier circuit is divided into A class, class or AB power "characteristics, transient response," burst flat feeling "strong.

2. Crossing distortion and mismatch distortion

Analog Class B power amplifier in the zero-crossing distortion, basically do not need a strict selection can be used.

3. Amplifier and speaker match

As the power amplifier in the analog amplifier in the larger resistance, so in the matching different resistance of the speaker, the analog power amplifier circuit will be the working state of the load (speaker) size of the digital power amplifier internal resistance does not exceed 0.2 (switch tube (4 ~ 8) is negligible, so there is no matching problem with the speaker.