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Entertainment Speaker System In Principle To Be Uniform

Entertainment Speaker System In principle to be uniform

1. Entertainment speaker system selection

In principle, depending on the environment selection of different varieties of entertainment speaker system. For example, in a ceiling ceiling of the room, it is appropriate to use embedded, no hood behind the ceiling speakers. This type of speaker structure is simple, the price is relatively cheap, and easy to construction. The main drawback is that there is no hood, easy to insects, rodents bite. In the only ceiling of the ceiling without ceiling of the room (such as open-shelf shopping malls), it is appropriate to use ceiling-mounted speakers or rear cover of the ceiling speakers. Since the ceiling is equivalent to an infinite baffle, it is not possible to use a loudspeaker without a hood in a ceiling condition. And no ceiling when the situation is very different if you still use no hood behind the ceiling speakers, the effect will be poor. At this time in principle should be used to lift speakers. But if the investment is too large, can also be used behind the ceiling of the ceiling speakers. The hood behind the rear cover is not only a general mechanical protection, but also to a certain extent, to prevent the role of short circuit.

In the absence of ceiling (such as underground parking), you should use wall-mounted speakers or indoor column.

In the outdoors, should use the outdoor sound column or horn. This kind of sound column and horn not only has the rainproof function, but also the volume bigger. As the outdoor environment is empty, no reverberation effect, select the larger volume is necessary.

In the garden, grass, should use grassland speakers. This kind of speaker rain, beautiful shape, and the volume and sound quality are more stress.

In the decoration stress, the roof of the hall, should choose elegant shape, color and harmonious lifting speaker. In the case of high fire requirements, should use fire-type speakers. This type of speaker is fully sealed, and its outlet can be connected with the flame retardant casing.

2. Configuration of the entertainment speaker system

The entertainment loudspeaker system is, in principle, arranged in a broadcast service area in a uniform and decentralized manner. Its degree of dispersion should ensure that the service area of the signal to noise ratio of not less than 15dB.

Usually, the noise floor of the senior office corridor is about 48 ~ 52dB, the noise of the supermarket is about 58 ~ 63dB, and the background noise of the busy road is about 70 ~ 75dB. In view of the accident, the scene may be very confusing, so in order to emergency broadcast needs, even if the broadcast service area is the office, should not estimate the noise floor is too low. As a general consideration, in addition to the bustling places, may wish to roughly the background noise as 65 ~ 70dB (except for special circumstances). As a result, the sound pressure level of the broadcast coverage area should be above 80 ~ 85dB.

Since the entertainment speaker system is usually distributed, the sound pressure level of the broadcast coverage area can be approximated as a contribution to a single entertainment speaker system. According to the relevant electroacoustics theory, the sound pressure level SPL of the loudspeaker coverage area is the same as the sensitivity level LM of the loudspeaker, the electric power P fed to the loudspeaker, the distance from the listening point to the loudspeaker,

SPL = LM + 10lgP-20lgrdB (1)

Ceiling speaker sensitivity level between 88 ~ 93dB; rated power of 3 ~ 10W. With a 90dB / 8W calculation, the sound pressure level at 8m from the loudspeaker is about 81dB. The above calculations do not take into account the contribution of early reflections. In the room, the early reflection of the sound group and the contribution of adjacent speakers can increase the sound pressure level 2 ~ 3dB or so.

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