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High Frequency Power Amplifier Are Important Components Of Communication Systems Transmitting Device

High frequency power amplifier are important components of communication systems transmitting device. According to the working frequency band width is divided into narrow-band high-frequency power amplifier and two broadband high-frequency power amplifier, usually narrow-band high-frequency power amplifier with a frequency filter frequency-selective circuit as the output circuits, so it is called or resonance of tuned power amplifier power amplifier; broadband output circuit for high frequency power amplifier is for transmission-line transformer or other broadband matching circuit, also referred to as non-tuned power amplifiers. High frequency power amplifier is a kind of energy conversion devices, it will be converted into high frequency AC power supply DC energy output in the "low frequency electric circuit" course is known, the amplifier can follow the different current conduction angle, are classified into categories a, b, and c States. Group a 360o amplifier current flow angle, suitable for small-signal low-power amplifier. Class b amplifier current flow angle of 180o; class c amplifier current angle of flow is less than 180o. B and c are suitable for high power class c State the output power and efficiency are the three highest in the State. HF power amplifiers are working in c. But a class c amplifier current waveform distortion is too large and therefore cannot be used for low frequency power amplifier and can only be used for the use of resonance of tuned circuits as the load power amplifier. Because of the tuned circuit with filtering capabilities, loop currents and voltages remained very close to sinusoidal waveform, distortion is negligible.