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Installation Sound System Audio Equipment

Installation Sound System Audio equipment

Sound system grounding problem

First, the audio equipment interference noise source

The main sources of interference noise are high-voltage alternating electric field interference and spatial electromagnetic interference, as well as interference signals from the grid. These interfering signals produce noise, seriously affecting the listening, and even reaching an intolerable level. The interference from the grid can only be solved by means of optimizing the grid, and the interference from the high voltage alternating electric field and the space electromagnetic field is solved by shielding and grounding. General audio equipment using iron shell, the electric field interference and magnetic interference have a shielding effect. Audio transmission cable should be selected as the cable for the audio cable as the transmission line. Shielding to ground to play a good shielding effect.

Second, the grounding method

Shielding ground connection, we must pay attention to the shield line must not form a closed loop, closed loop will be induced frequency induction current, resulting in new interference. So only between the two devices are allowed to have a signal line at both ends of the shield with two sets

The equipment shell is not connected with the power ground, so as to avoid the formation of ground circuit.

Better grounding is called star ground. Each shield is shielded with only one end connected to the housing of the device and the other end floating, usually connected to the housing at the end of the signal transmission. Each device in the signal input near the election of a grounding point, through the copper conductor to a point, and then directly connected with the copper wire connected to the earth. This wire is best to build a larger line to reduce the grounding resistance. Each of the above-mentioned shielded wire is only one end of the shell in the way of unbalanced connection required to use dual-core shielded wire. One of the core wire to do the signal hot side, the other core for the signal cold end, shielding is not part of the signal loop.

Third, the power safe grounding

(1) the importance of safe grounding. At present, the domestic audio system equipment are basically 220V, 50Hz AC power supply. If the phenomenon of leakage occurs, enough to cause harm to the person, a serious one can cause death, so the sound system of safe grounding is extremely important. Therefore, the installation of the sound system must be safe grounding as an audio equipment installation work in an important project to carry out and inspection, even if the temporary use of equipment, such as mobile performance, etc., must also pay attention to safe grounding, so as not to cause unnecessary Of casualties.

(2) several grounding methods. At present, the power supply is generally three-phase four-wire system, that is, L1 phase, L2 phase, L3 phase three phase line and a neutral line N, for medium and large electric places, the general use of three-phase four- And then the appropriate allocation of A phase, B phase, C phase load, so that the three-phase power balance, so as to avoid a large voltage on the neutral line. Previously also connected to the neutral line called "then zero", that is, then the meaning of the line. It is "ground" is different from the "ground", "ground" refers to the electrical equipment exposed to the conductive part of the direct "ground" electrical connection. Here the "ground" refers to the earth in a good location of conductive places, that is, the soil should have a certain humidity, and this part of the soil directly with the earth is not a small land connected. For the soil has been masonry and the earth separated from the space in the soil is not "the earth." Cement floor, asphalt pavement can not be considered "the earth", these can not be used as "ground".