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Operational Amplifier Design

Operational amplifiers are analog-digital conversion circuit in one of the most common and most important unit. Fully differential operational amplifier is the inputs and outputs are differential signal amplifier, compared with the ordinary single-ended output op amp has the following advantages: large output voltage swing; good suppression of common-mode noise; a low noise; the even-order harmonic distortion better. Typically high performance operational amplifier using differential forms. In recent years, fully differential operational amplifier with high unity-gain bandwidth frequency and output swing makes it at high speed and application of low-voltage circuit is more extensive. With increased data transfer rate, high-speed a/d converter needs more and more widely, and high-speed a/d Converter requires high gain and high unity-gain bandwidth operational amplifier to meet the precision and the need for rapid establishment. Speed and accuracy are two of the most important performance of analog circuit indicator, however, the requirements of both interacting and mutually contradictory. So you can meet both requirements is difficult. Folded-cascode technology can more successfully solve this problem, the structure of the op-amp has a high open-loop gain and high unity-gain bandwidth. Disadvantage of fully differential operational amplifier is its small common mode of external feedback loop the loop gain, output common-mode level cannot be accurately determined, and therefore generally subject to common-mode feedback circuit.