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Professional Speaker System Audio Processing Equipment

Professional Speaker System Audio processing equipment

As we all know, China's audio and video industry, after the needs of the confused, nearly a decade, access to the rapid development, and gradually formed a variety of applications, technical performance jumped significantly in the industry ecology, industry scale, Constantly improve, and better meet the needs of all walks of life. Through the rapid development of the past decade, we found that the application of multimedia demand is a powerful engine of industry development is the industry development vane. As AV applications, how to facilitate the transfer of text, graphics, sound, color and video means to meet the daily needs of a variety of applications, is undoubtedly caught the nose.

In response to this situation, some foresight of the enterprises have begun to adjust the product layout, demand-oriented, launched a fully functional, advanced technology, easy to operate multimedia audio-visual new products, completed a gorgeous turn.

In fact, look at the use of demand diversification and technological progress, AV industry around the issue of multimedia, will become an inevitable trend, which the following three areas will be an effective breakthrough:

sound system

As the sound system itself, its development is maturing, has formed a complete industrial chain, to meet a variety of application needs. In the multimedia age, people prefer the sound system to better integrate into the application scene, feel its role, but do not see its existence. This requires audio products, especially speakers, must be highly integrated with the construction site, in the shape, color, structure and other bold innovation, and enhance performance, change the current large and bulky, separate hanging, affecting the lack of view; To be as concise as possible, audio processing equipment, power amplifier equipment, etc. to use the network, digital technology, multi-function and lightweight, multi-mode audio processor, multi-channel digital amplifier, digital mixing equipment, will become mainstream; Third, through the network operation, monitoring, distribution equipment will bring convenience to users, efficient and safe and therefore sought after; Fourth, the audio system will open a variety of interfaces, and other multimedia devices, easy to synchronize and control, is the application Demand side of the basic requirements, and these must be in the transmission protocol, port and network control and other aspects of interoperability.

Signal type

Multimedia applications to bring a significant change, that is, the system of signal types, format, transmission is very complex, and thus the demand for such equipment increased, and with the application, the size of the ever-changing system, requiring equipment types, specifications, Performance and system structure, etc. have a corresponding change is a very natural thing.

We believe that in different transmission protocols, different types of signals flourishing the moment, how to unify the platform, easy to convert, routing has a practical significance, the signal is also must be considered digital, more importantly, a variety of audio and video signal routing, Switching, selection must be easy to implement. These as the system design, equipment selection of professional workers, only to understand the actual needs and product characteristics, in order to do a good job of AV system multimedia applications, and equipment manufacturers, system integrators to regulate and guide.