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Subwoofer Bass Connection

Subwoofer Bass connection

The specific approach is as follows: First, the volume transferred to the minimum, the frequency adjusted at 12 o'clock position, phase casually.

Second, choose a low-frequency relatively rich CD song (not DVD), the player's R and L signal to select a direct access to the subwoofer R or L channel, or two are connected.

Third, the volume slowly open large, subwoofer will be issued low-frequency, experience from small volume to large volume of low-frequency components in the room changes.

The sound opened, the room decoration will certainly be a good earthquake. Such as windows and so on. Just contact the gun friends immediately have a question: "how my gun made out how the voice is boring, it sounds uncomfortable." Of course!

The gun is used in conjunction with other audio products, such as speakers, treble. Used to listen alone, to hear is certainly a single low-frequency components, no high-frequency, of course, feel boring, uncomfortable.

First, strengthen the 2-channel system bass connection

       (1) Connect the left and right signals of the audio source (CD or DVD player) into the left and right signal input ports of the gun, and then the signal output of the guns is connected to the power amplifier. The signal is boosted by the amplifier, the signal flow chart: audio source - gun - The

Connection 2: If the source has 2 sets of signal output or 1 minute 2 signal lines, one group of access guns, another set of access amplifier.

Gun debugging: frequency video tube caliber to adjust the caliber, can be reduced as much as possible, but the increase, depending on personal preferences, there is no uniform standard. Phase switch which bass good election in that position, the volume with the main speaker with.

Second, assume 5.1 system of 0.1 channel subwoofer amplification

       Connection 1: AV amplifier with decoding has a subwoofer signal output, with a gun (preferably a penny of the two) the amplifier's subwoofer output signal into the gun, the frequency of the gun Can be adjusted as much as possible, the volume is also adjustable, because the signal by the AV amplifier limit, the operation is also convenient.

       Connection with two: with the decoding of the DVD machine also has a subwoofer signal output, with a gun (preferably a penny of the two) to the DVD player's subwoofer output signal into the gun, using the gun Frequency and volume attention to the main speaker and the center with the surrounding. The general frequency is set at 12 o'clock position, the volume is adjusted at 3 o'clock position, but there is no uniform standard.

Feeling: active subwoofer is a sound system is easy to be overlooked part of the gun itself is a separate equipment, but also with other speakers to match the sound, the sound of the gun is transferred out, to be a good voice, to Have patience.