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Subwoofer From A Technical Point Of View

Subwoofer From a technical point of view

The development trend of the card sound card

2012 basically every day digital card speaker collapse, if the cost of 40 yuan in the product, directly to 20 yuan on the whole cast to the channel, many channels opportunistic coveted in order to earn a quick money and readily accepted, this product spoiler This industry at the same time, many of the digital speaker manufacturers are also committed to the stage of the disaster, many of the so-called brand manufacturers market downturn is also affected by this shock, early reshuffle has come to see who can adhere to the final mid- Can be clear at a glance.

From a technical point of view, its development trend is:

First network

Increase wifi function, to achieve networking

The second intelligent increase in software functionality

Such as learning machines, repeaters and so on

The third emphasis on radio function

Because the radio function is very cheap to achieve the function, some multi-band radio chip, such as AM, FM, SW function has emerged, configure the magnetic micro-antenna can achieve multi-band reception

The fourth is to strengthen the mobile TV function

Built-in full-band TV antenna introduced, so that such terminals can receive analog and digital TV functions.

Fifth equipped with Bluetooth module

Using high-quality Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, the maximum received up to 10 meters, and voice clear, no echo, is your driving a unique choice.

Plug the sound of the product highlights the card sound

Fashion appearance: the atmosphere stable, high-clean shell, interface and function keys intuitive and clear.

Plug and Play: Smart Play Micro SD / TF card or U disk all the MP3 format files, plug and play.

Perfect sound quality: ultra-subwoofer, pure sound quality, restore effect is obvious, low distortion, known as the audio king of the music angel.

Screen display: the screen shows the current operating status, easy to use operation.

FM radio: built-in FM radio, intelligent automatic search.

Headphone output: 3.5mm two-channel stereo headphone output.

AUX input: 3.5mm voice input interface, can be connected to computers, mobile phones, MP3 and other audio equipment.

Memory Playback: Automatically memorizes tracks that were played when they were last exited.

External battery: large capacity battery, support for a long time to play, long battery life, can be directly charged by the USB.