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Subwoofer Reduce The Sound Pressure

Subwoofer Reduce the sound pressure

KTV: the first is in the processing room sound field of the average degree (not feel too noisy, but the sound pressure is still available) multi-speaker sound, the main speaker with reflective principle speaker, so you can achieve the purpose of reducing sound pressure. Another most important thing is to sing the effect of dyeing processing, that is, the use of DSP digital effects will be landscaping, the use of three-dimensional effect processing, plus some height, expand the sound field, and then HPF (high-pass filter line) to increase the lips and teeth, Magnetic, anyway, is to beautify the voice of the singer. So that the people who sing to feel your store to sing, sing out the sound than their own sounds a lot of good, this equipment is not to restore the requirements for the purpose, but how to do the sound of landscaping. This direction to grasp the bad, the future use of the business will certainly have a considerable proportion of guests are not satisfied. (Mainly because the average guest singing is not so good) too fax but the wrong direction.

② business nightclub form KTV: to the business nightclub consumer guests are generally business entertainment, the other is their own and three or five friends to find a place to relax, not specifically for listening to music, and to achieve the purpose of the guests and guests , Drinking lively look is inevitable, because after drinking, the ears will reduce the auditory, so the sound pressure requirements will be more than pure singing KTV requirements loudly, and the wine is three to sing the song is to feel loud, and Not to the delicate feeling, this time the speaker selection for direct-type speakers, and then look at the size of the room to select enough sound pressure series of speakers, and power amplifier should be enough, the other room is too large, the speaker position and seat area distance To pay special attention, otherwise, such as the distance is too far, the singer's self-listening sense will be much worse, pay attention to your choice of speakers the best projection distance, a reasonable choice of speakers can be played music good singing feeling good purpose. Reasonable installation of the speaker position, will reduce the whistle to produce, so that the microphone volume increases more room for adjustment, and this form of nightclubs mostly use wireless microphone, the guests tend to take the microphone everywhere in the room, so how to solve the whistle It is important to check the equipment, you can ask the equipment provider or would like to contract your project engineering side, he has any way to solve the problem of howling to see if the other party has a saying you can convince (most Please ask him to find a place, install the equipment so you try).

③ to bring the music-based HI nightclub: This type of nightclub should first pay attention to the source of the sound signal, to keep the external DJ mixer access interface to facilitate professional DJ together with the equipment into the disc, put music when used. The sound requirements, treble to have penetrating power, (most of the use of trumpet treble) in the low frequency to strengthen the dynamic performance (plus equalizer or audio processor), bass requirements sound pressure hit the chest and abdomen feeling (woofer and Power amplifier selection is very important), its overall difficulty, how to achieve the effect of sound pressure, but not too loud. This will start from the selection of equipment level, if you choose the error will feel once the volume open to feel satisfied, the sound pressure has been large to the room building materials shaking, people can not basically talk about the level. This type of room in the decoration to pay special attention to the room and the room noise, and the room ceiling, wood decoration part to be more nails, to strengthen labor solid building materials.