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Subwoofer The Working Principle Of

 Subwoofer The working principle of

Speaker divider can separate the frequency of the sound signal, to distinguish the different frequencies of sound signals, and then zoom in to the corresponding high and low frequencies of the speaker, achieve the effect of the high and low different timbre is speaker divider.

Principle of frequency divider:

From the principle of work, the divider is a network of capacitors and inductors. The high frequency channel only allows the high frequency signal to pass and prevents the low-frequency signal; The bass channel is just the opposite, just letting the bass pass and blocking the high frequency signal; The alto channel is a bandpass filter, which can be prevented except for the frequency of one or two points.

Looks be like simple, but in the practice of using frequency divider, in order to balance of flexibility difference between up and down the sound unit, producers demand according to different conditions in different sizes of decay resistance or composed the impedance of the resistor, capacitor compensation network, different design and consumption process natural frequency divider this seemingly insignificant components produced different effects in the box. These details, which are required for all HIFI equipment, are the fundamental differences between HIFI and ordinary civilian equipment.

The function of speaker frequency divider:

When playing music, because of the speaker unit itself ability and structural constraints, only a speaker to cover all frequencies, and if the signal without the full frequency distribution directly into high, medium and low unit, the unit outside the range of frequency response of the local "extra" signal will be within the normal range on an adverse effect on signal recovery, and may make soprano, alto unit damage. For this reason, the designers have to divide the audio frequency band into several paragraphs, and different bands stop the sound with different speakers. This is the origin and function of the frequency divider.

The frequency divider is the "brain" in the speaker box, which is crucial for the quality of the sound quality. The output of the music signal must be disposed of by each filter element in the fire frequency device, allowing the signal of the specific frequencies of each unit to pass. To design scientific, reasonable and rigorous good speaker divider, talents effectively modify the different characteristics of the speaker unit, and optimize the combination, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, make the respective incisively and vividly display the respective potential, as it should be made of the frequency response spectrum smoothing, audio-visual phase accurately, to make the high, medium and low play music derived from the clear, tune, anacreontic, warm, broad and natural sound quality.

In the frequency dividers of practice, there are sometimes attenuated resistors to be used in order to make the difference between high and low frequencies. In addition, some frequency dividers also participate in the impedance compensation network composed of resistance and capacitance. The purpose is to make the impedance curve of the speakers a little bit more, so that the amplifier can be driven by the amplifier.

In real life, there are many small characters that have big energy, which can be damaged by a small piece of equipment in many electronic products. Speaker divider is the typical representative of this role, a speaker is far there is no way with the high quality sound, only you can't see through the external speaker divider will sound signal after frequency division to the speaker will appear beautiful high quality sound playback.