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Subwoofer Type And Principle

  Subwoofer can be divided into two types of active subwoofer and passive subwoofer. Active subwoofer is built-in power amplifier subwoofer, no need to use another amplifier, usually shape for the cylinder. The disadvantage of this subwoofer is that the heat is not ideal, the power will not be great, and the barrel shape will usually produce unnecessary resonance phenomenon, so that the control of the subwoofer decline. In contrast, passive subwoofer work when you need an external amplifier. This subwoofer shape and power selection can be more flexible, the effect is naturally more ideal. Another active speaker can be divided into

Sealed box and punch box, the former is more suitable for deep symphony, which is more suitable for pop music.

   SubwooferThe use of subwoofer seems to be the lowest, often appear in those who like the taste of metal full of young people around, is like pop music and rock owners must have the choice. In principle, the subwoofer and the speaker work is exactly the same, but the diaphragm diameter is larger, generally 8 to 10 inches, and increased for the resonance of the speaker.

   Internal amplifier circuit, through the frequency divider will be divided into several frequency segments, the output of high frequency segment to the satellite speakers, low-frequency output to the subwoofer, the general subwoofer issued 20-200HZ low-frequency sound, the energy is not very strong People are more difficult to hear, and it is difficult to distinguish the source position, this low-frequency sound through the inverted hole out, resonant with the satellite speakers, low-frequency speakers and satellite speakers produced by the combination of weak bass, satellite speakers re acting speaker release bass, so bass is very shocking, but the feeling is the same as people sent from the satellite speakers speakers there, here you should understand the basic principle of the right speaker, as to why ultra-low frequency speaker and low-frequency resonant horn, then use the knowledge of physics to understand: bass satellite is weak, it can be heard, the amplitude of the waveform thereof is small, i.e., energy is not big enough, when the speaker to produce the ultra-low frequency overlapping with, since the hole through the inverter, causing them in phase, and then the ultra-low frequency bass to be loaded onto the satellite wave, due to the speaker has a very strong Rate increases rapidly after loading the energy that makes you feel very shocked.