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Subwoofer Type Editor

Subwoofer Type editor

Type editor

Subwoofer can be divided into two types of active subwoofer and passive subwoofer. Active subwoofer refers to its own built-in amplifier subwoofer, the use of no additional power amplifier, usually shape for the cylinder. The disadvantage of this subwoofer is that the heat is not ideal, the power will not be great, and the barrel shape will usually produce unnecessary resonance phenomenon, so that the control of the subwoofer. In contrast, passive subwoofer work when you need an external amplifier. This subwoofer shape and power selection can be more flexible, the effect is naturally more ideal. Another active speaker can be divided into

Sealed box and punch box, the former is more suitable for deep symphony, which is more suitable for pop music.

The use of subwoofer seems to be the lowest, often appear in those who like the taste of metal full of young people around, is like pop music and rock owners must have the choice. In principle, the subwoofer and the speaker work is exactly the same, but the diaphragm diameter is larger, generally 8 to 10 inches, and increased for the resonance of the speaker.

Evaluation indicators, the subwoofer with the speaker is basically the same, the specific content here is not specifically introduced, only talk about the numerical requirements, the frequency response is generally below 200 Hz, the rated impedance is about 4Ω, the sensitivity is generally greater than 90 dB / W / m.

Material editor

Low-grade plastic speakers because of its thin box, can not overcome the resonance, no sound at all, wooden speakers reduce the resonance caused by the box sound, sound quality is generally better than plastic speakers. Usually the multimedia speakers are two-unit two-way design, a smaller speaker is responsible for the output of the treble, while the other loud speaker is responsible for the output of the bass.

Select the speaker should consider the two speakers of the material: multimedia active speaker tweeter is now the main soft ball (in addition to the analog sound source of the titanium ball, etc.), it is compatible with the digital sound source can reduce the high frequency Signal of the hard feeling, giving a gentle, smooth, delicate feeling. Multimedia speakers are now better quality silk film and low cost PV film and other soft dome of the majority. Bass unit it determines the characteristics of the sound of the speaker, choose to be relatively important, the most common are the following: paper pots, there are adhesive tape, paper-based wool basin, pressing basin and so on several, Natural, cheap, good rigidity, material sensitivity is high, the disadvantage is poor moisture resistance, manufacturing consistency is difficult to control, but the top HiFi system with the manufacture of paper abundance, because the sound output is very average, good reducibility ; Bulletproof cloth, a wide frequency response and lower distortion, is the first choice for the strong bass, the disadvantage is the high cost, the production process is complex, the sensitivity is not high light music effect is not very good; wool braided pot, texture is soft, It is excellent in the performance of soft music and light music, but the bass is not good, lack of strength and shock; PP (polypropylene) basin, it is widely popular in high-end speakers, good consistency and low distortion, all aspects of performance are round Can point In addition, there are fiber-like diaphragm and composite diaphragm, etc. due to the high price rarely used in popular speakers, not talked about.