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Touring Speaker System High Quality Playback

Touring Speaker System High quality playback

How does the speaker system match the amplifier? Learn from the experience of home audio sharing, the article threw himself, hope to give players inspiration. Speaker system to high-quality playback of a variety of music programs, then according to the music signal attributes, the peak factor of about 10-15dB, from the perspective of ensuring sound quality amplifier should be in this dynamic range does not occur any clipping situation, That is, the maximum output power amplifier should be 5-8 times the rated power of the speaker, this power configuration sound quality is very good, but it will be a great investment, so the power will generally be set in 1-2 times the speaker unit The rated power. 1-2 times this range may be space pan, we can give you a more specific experience.

1. In some low power requirements and limited investment power amplifier at least the equivalent of the speaker's rated power, but very careful to keep the sound without distortion, too small power configuration does not seem to damage the speaker unit, it is not true, too small power easily An excessive clipping occurs, producing a large number of harmonics and burning the tweeter.

2. General engineering recommended power amplifier is 1.5 times, and the bass part of the best more than 1.5 times, so as to get enough power.

3. Requires a very high voice, such as the studio monitor, concert hall, etc., the ideal is twice the power of the speaker, (this is the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC proposed patch with the recommended value of a program consistent)

The design of the power amplifier is no hard standard, depending on the investment budget and the sound quality requirements.

  Then there is no sound, is a complete set of systems, make full use of unique environment, to design equipment, installed in the original location, do not need to modify the line, the system does not require any debugging function can be a good effect? There is an idea, it is necessary to act. Towards this goal step by step to move forward, all the way to support the cooperation of many manufacturers.

      After nearly a thousand hours of design, testing, modification, hundreds of cars to install feedback, the United Nations audio source design top master Zhao Zhao (super modified network SU30) specially developed for the original environment optimized software program, fever hardware line production, SIEP A0 system successfully fulfilled the requirements.