brand & culture

inesa is made out of a word, implications of creative and interesting. pronounce similar to the "essence" or "in essence, means attention, focusing on the core and essence of something.

structure of major vowel is coordinated and smooth, easy to read in english.

has the meaning of good things, intrigued.

in sanskrit, the name of "inesa" for men, its meaning is to be the king of the "strong", and "king" is usually the most prominent in a group.

progressive linear graphic, is "accurate" visual expression of shanghai inesa brand .

four line colors, metaphor the fine tradition of shanghai instrument in the field of display technology, is the heritage and development of history.

the partition of decorative thread, makes a more unique and style.

inesa periodically described a long history brand of the associate; showing the ambition to reach the goal of "explicit industry, stable management, innovation and development, has social responsibility, international enterprise groups"

inesa is community of "fate, responsibility, honor and benefit" of core values, is two proud of the cultural identity, and the concept of "sincere and profound".

inesa is creative, is the english abbreviation of "instruments and electronics (shanghai) associates", is the perfect interpretation for concentration as core orientation and "quality, profession, insistance, excellence" as brand characteristics.

inesa is "yunsai".

in considerable modernity on the word "yunsai", with clever running hand style out of the word "sai" with treasure cap, inheriting from the traditional value essence, it's real treasure of the inesa enterprise culture, should occupy the spiritual height and always synchronize with the

concentration - focus; not subject to the influence of various interference factors; together with own resources, concentrate superior forces to fight; forward unswervingly toward stated goals steadily in a long time .

anneal - by continuously hone, make existing industries fine ; make business improved; make asset quality well.

character (ace), high quality is the foundation of inesa in business.character is the assurance of all, is the inheritance and performance of inesa long history. inesa has the rigorous attitude towards the pursuit of higher character , create a stable and reliable products and services, to show a solid and reliable inesa style in shanghai.

specialism - specialism is the root in business. specialism is a professional knowledge and skills, but also the never stop enterprise. in constant exploration and pursuit, inesa always adhere to the belief of rational, create perfect and scientific inesa brand.

insistence - insistence is the spiritual beliefs of inesa. constancy and persistence is the inexhaustible power of inesa. the faith of insistence is always maintain a persistent perseverance, elaborating inesa characters with absolute sincerity.

excellence, excellence is the guide and pursuit of inesa. excellence is to achieve self-improvement and self-transcendence with passion, creativity and initiative; excellence is to write down the magnificent future of inesa with the confidence, diligence and innovation.