with inesa smart traceability and collaboration platform as its core, inesa establishes tracing and application system which covers different steps of products’ whole lifecycle, including the plantation and breeding, the manufacturing and processing, the storage and logistics, the sales at end, the inspection and test, governmental regulation, enterprise management, query verification, etc. based on the establishment of the standard for food circulation information tracing, we provide governments, enterprises and customers with information relating to product circulation tracing, customized application service and value-added data service.

use inesa’s scientific instrument equipment and smart labels (rfidqrbar code), leverage the cloud computing and big data services provided by inesa’s i-stack smart city operating system as well as the top-level idc (internet data center) in china, and through powerful real-time information communication and technological support capabilities, to establish complete smart traceability industrial chain for important commodities especially food security traceability, supported by city-level product information traceability platform system, food security information traceability platform system, wine anti-fake traceability system, recycling and management system of kitchen waste oil and fat, foodstuff logistics management system, food safety monitoring grid management system and the construction, operation and maintenance of informationization testing center.

system architecture